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These comments come from a variety of patients who, in their own words, want to share their experiences.

  • Hi Andre,

    I'm basically writing to say thank you. Before treatment I had minor locking, clicking, headache pain, neck pain. Now I have minor clicking and no pain whatsoever. I literally cannot remember the last time I had a headache. I reckon many of your patients don't stop to think and say thanks. I am pretty much cured. I'm booking in for a hygienist apt in a bit. Everything's going perfectly.

    Without making this sound cheesy, keep going, because you are a hero in my eyes.

  • I had been having severe back pain for approximately 15 years; I was on constant anti inflammatory medication and pain killers and seeing my chiropractor regularly. I was referred to a specialist orthodontist who explained I had a deep bite and extractions of my first premolars as a child had forced my lower jaw into a backward and upward position which had a knock on effect all the way down to into my pelvis and lower back. Treatment consisted of opening extraction spaces which allowed my lower jaw to release and freed up my neck. The orthodontic work levelled my bite and gave me proper support. My pain was 13 out of 10 now it is 0 out of 10. I am forever thankful to those who discovered these important body and dental connections

    Mrs.U.R (Jersey)
  • My son suffered with asthma and eczema and was later diagnosed with the serious condition neuro fibromatosis and he was on a lot of antibiotics and steroids . I realized conventional medicine would not only not cure him but was also making him worse. For years Homeopathy and Phytobiopyhsics were the only thing that helped us best. He also had a very crowded and collapsed bite, which the hospital orthodontist told us he would need four teeth extracted. We went for a second opinion and were told that treatment was possible without extractions, and that extractions could make him worse. We were told how important it was to have a full set of teeth and a balanced bite as this took a lot of stress off the body. Within six months we noticed improvements in his health and he was able to join in with sports. He is now a healthy and symptom free 21 year old with an amazing smile

    F .Le Lu (Jersey)
  • You may remember that we came to you with our daughter in April 2007. She was being treated unsuccessfully at Mayday Hospital for what you were able to diagnose as TMJ dysfunction. A splint was made for her to wear over her bottom teeth and this gave her considerable relief from the headaches which were the worst symptom of her condition. As the condition of the joints improved with the splint therapy we were introduced to a consultant in maxillofacial surgery. He operated to replace the discs in both joints. She recovered quickly from the operation considerably helped by the relief from the constant headaches and dreadful fatigue that had been part of her life for the last three years. We will never forget our relief when you told us that her pain was caused by a mechanical problem, rather than "it's stress - try aromatherapy". We continue to write to as many people as we can to try to promote awareness of TMJ

    Mr. & Mrs. R, Kenley Surrey
  • Having experienced a lot of pain for a number of years I discovered quite by chance through a friend the work Helen had been doing for TMJ, after the second visit to have a splint fitted, I went home to London and from Haslemere to London the difference was unbelievable. After years of pain it began to go after less that a few hours of wearing the jaw splint

    Mr T.H. from Richmond
  • I am extremely pleased with my orthodontic treatment. I believe there are few dentists in this country who could so successfully have reduced my TMJ problems - and all done with such care and good humour

    Mr. P.T. from East Sheen
  • My daughter is so pleased with the work she has had done - it has changed the way she smiles and made her feel more confident.

    Mrs. H from Fetcham
  • We are extremely pleased with our son's orthodontic treatment. Alex was not keen to have any braces at 14 but now at 17 he's absolutely delighted with his smile!

    Mr.A.R. from Farnham
  • I came to Dr. Hedger with headaches, low energy and tension in the head. Since his treatment all these symptoms have virtually disappeared. I cannot recommend Andre's work highly enough

    Mr. P. T from East Sheen
  • I normally have problems after dental treatment, but have had none with your practice. Andre's work is amazing and he obviously has that magic touch!

    Dr. M.S. from Harley Street
  • I am delighted to be able to tell you that the hypnosis really did work! I had X-Rays all round last week and I also managed to get myself into a very relaxed state with the self hypnosis. My dentist Dr. C was very impressed!!!

    Mrs.P.S from Woking
  • I would like to thank you for the care, attention and professional way you have worked on my teeth

    Mr.P.M from Cobham
  • The upper denture is excellent - tight and comfortable - I look forward to the bottom denture being as good! Can you cure lumbago too?

    Mr.C.T from Esher
  • Since I have been back in Japan I have done nothing but praise my experiences in your Surgery.

    Mr.D.G from Tokyo
  • I really appreciate being able to count you all at the surgery as my friends - some might say a rather unusual relationship to have between a Dental Practice and one of its patients, but so it is

    Mr.J.T from Fetcham
  • Thank you for all your time, hard work and patience you spent working on my teeth. I am really pleased now with the way I look and I feel much more confident.

    Mrs. T. from Farnham
  • I really appreciate being able to count you all at the surgery as my friends - some might say a rather unusual relationship to have between a Dental Practice and one of its patients, but so it is

    Mr.J.T from Fetcham
  • My treatment for TMJ started three months ago. I am now able to open and shut my mouth without my jaw clicking and grating. I no longer suffer from severe fatigue and my permanent lower backache has disappeared. I am now able to stand up straight and have increased mobility in my shoulders and neck'

    Mrs. P.B. from Fetcham
  • I was referred to the Practice in the early 1990’s with severe facial pain and spasm. I was in constant pain, unable to sleep,concentrate, or maintain a normal life. My weight had plummeted to 7st 10lbs. (I am 5ft 7 ins) and life was pretty miserable, despite enjoying a loving and supporting family. I was consuming the maximum dose of Nurofen daily, having not taken analgesics throughout my life before. Within days of having a splint fitted I was free from pain and began to sleep. Through the following year my general health improved, the pain and spasm diminished, my energy levels returned and life was certainly worth living. I still wear a splint at night and do not have any facial pain. I had tremendous support from the day I walked into her practice and have had a lifechanging experience

    Haslemere patient
  • For the last 20 years, I have been suffering various symptoms - head, neck and back pain, with numbness in the legs, together with shooting pains and neuralgia in the head, neck and jaw region. After 3 months treatment with a plastic splint, there has been a big improvement. The back pain has improved, the numbness in the legs has gone, the pain in the face and the back of the neck has gone, and the arm is feeling much better. Shooting pains and neuralgia in the face have gone and I cannot sleep without the appliance. My feelings of lack of energy and depression have lifted and I feel like a new woman

    Mrs. W.B. from Reigate
  • My son was seeing the dentist regularly for orthodontic treatment and during these visits he became aware of my problems relating to my neck. Over the past 20 years I had suffered constantly from debilitating neck pain exacerbated by several whip lash injuries. Regular visits to an Alexander Technique practitioner and osteopath kept me mobile but still in constant pain. After a particularly bad spell necessitating 8 weeks from work we discussed a treatment plan. This included initially fitting a splint for day time use and a brace to prevent me grinding my teeth at night. This proved so successful that permanent changes were made to my bite. Since undergoing this treatment the constant pull on my husband's pension fund has slowed dramatically, I no longer see the Alexander Technique practitioner and have reduced visits to my osteopath from fortnightly to six monthly. Up until February this year I wore a neck collar EVERY night, I now never wear it!

    Mrs. S. McN. from Upminster
  • Having experienced a lot of pain for a number of years I discovered quite by chance through a friend the work Helen had been doing for TMJ, after the second visit to have a splint fitted, I went home to London and from Haslemere to London the difference was unbelievable. After years of pain it began to go after less that a few hours of wearing the jaw splint.

    Mrs T.H. from North Yorkshire
  • Following the treatment I received from you correcting my bite, I have felt a huge improvement in my general health and well being. As you know prior to the treatment I used to suffer from daily headaches and some aches in my neck. The headaches have now gone and my head generally feels a lot clearer and I do not suffer from any aches and pains, my profile has also improved considerably. I feel that the treatment has been very worthwhile.

    Mrs. M. R. from Jersey
  • Our son Aaron was a migraine sufferer from a very early age. All Aaron could do was to take daily amounts of painkillers which enabled him to half function and attend school. After the first couple of treatments Aaron did start to feel a relief from pain to the point that he was able to cut down on medication. During the months that have followed Aaron's condition has improved significantly,nowadays he is a normal,happy smiley teenager. He lived with this condition and we feel it robbed him of a normal childhood. We are forever grateful that because of your treatment we are confident that he will now be able to cope with future life challenges.

    Mr. & Mrs. N. V. from Jersey
  • My two daughter's orthodontic treatment is now complete and I just wished to comment on how pleased we are not only with their lovely smiles but with also how their previous symptoms have disappeared. Our eldest daughter used to have glue ear and was due to have grommets. As soon as her orthodontic treatment started which repositioned her jaw down and forward all her symptoms disappeared and we cancelled the operation. Our younger daughter had a cross bite, the orthodontist explained that it is essential to correct this as it can have a twisting effect down the rest of the body, at that time our daughter used to trip up very easily and could not sit straight on her bike, she also had a lazy left eye. Once her jaw was centred and balanced all these symptoms disappeared. Her left eye is still a little lazy when she is tired but she can correct this herself.

    We are grateful for all the treatment that has been given to the girls and for being shown how important our jaw relationships are with the rest our our body

    Anonymous Channel Islands

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