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Membership is open to all Dental, Medical, and Allied professionals, including physical therapists from all disciplines - Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy,ENT Surgeons, Paediatricians etc. - who have an interest in the management and treatment of Craniomandibular Disorders.

If you would like to join the BSSCMD pleasedownload, print out and complete the application

Please send the completed form by post to:

Noel Stimson,
3 The Lanterns
Sherborne Street
PO35 5RU


Cost of membership:

UK members: £25.00 per quarter by direct debit

Overseas members: £100.00 each January by credit/debit card

Under-graduates and first year Post-graduates £20.00 per academic year by cheque or cash

Benefits of membership:

  • The BSSCMD (formerly the Cranio Group) is an international study group of health care professionals who have a particular interest in the treatment of disorders of the cranio-mandibular-cervical system (once known as "TMJ"). Members are mainly Dentists and Orthodontists (65%) plus Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, CranioSacral therapists, Alexander teachers, etc. There is also a special student membership. The Cranio group was initiated in 1992 by Dr Richard Dean and Dr Noel Stimson. The BSSCMD was started in 1994. Now chaired by Dr. Andrè Hedger. 
  • The membership now includes many internationally known professionals from all associated disciplines and from many countries including Britain, Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia. 
  • The Society&aposs journal &aposCranio UK&apos is published twice a year by editor/publisher Noel Stimson, who is a retired dentist with 40 years experience of general dental practice, the last 20 years involved with orthodontics and treating cranio-mandibular disorders. The journal is available (free of charge) only to Cranio Group members.
  • Membership of BSSCMD costs GB £100 a year for UK and overseas members, all of whom are bona fide health care professionals or dental laboratory technicians/owners. Students and first-year post-graduates pay £20 per academic year. 
  • Non-Professional members of the public who are interested in the BSSCMD approach and methods can find information and contact details of practitioners in their area as well as case histories and research into the effect of mercury, flouride and nutrition on their teeth and general health.
  • If you wish to become a member of The BSSCMD please print out and complete the application form and mail it to the organizer (address on the form). Once your membership is established you will have access (by password) to the &aposMembers Only&apos section of this website, which contains copies of earlier issues of our journal Cranio View as well as a selection of recently-published significant articles.

NOTE: BSSCMD will assume that any information given by you on the application form (other than financial information) can be utilised or stored as described above, unless we are specifically requested to do otherwise.

download, print out and complete the application


  • Hi Andre, I&aposm basically writing to say thank you. Before treatment I had minor locking, clicking, headache pain, neck pain. Now I have minor clicking and no pain whatsoever. I literally cannot remember the last time I had a headache. I reckon many of your patients
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  • I had been having severe back pain for approximately 15 years; I was on constant anti inflammatory medication and pain killers and seeing my chiropractor regularly. I was referred to a specialist orthodontist who explained I had a deep bite and extractions of my first p
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    Mrs.U.R (Jersey)
  • My son suffered with asthma and eczema and was later diagnosed with the serious condition neuro fibromatosis and he was on a lot of antibiotics and steroids . I realized conventional medicine would not only not cure him but was also making him worse. For years Homeopath
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    F .Le Lu (Jersey)
  • You may remember that we came to you with our daughter in April 2007. She was being treated unsuccessfully at Mayday Hospital for what you were able to diagnose as TMJ dysfunction. A splint was made for her to wear over her bottom teeth and this gave her considerable re
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    Mr. & Mrs. R, Kenley Surrey
  • Having experienced a lot of pain for a number of years I discovered quite by chance through a friend the work Helen had been doing for TMJ, after the second visit to have a splint fitted, I went home to London and from Haslemere to London the difference was unbelievable
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    Mr T.H. from Richmond
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